Automatic Vertical Foam Cutting Machine

About The Automatic Vertical Foam Cutting machine

This automatic version of the automatic vertical foam cutting machine uses less manpower as it is equipped with a PLC-controlled panel which also increases the accuracy and speed of the machine. When it comes to measurement and cutting of the foam blocks or pieces, the PLC control increases the accuracy of the blade.


  • Cutting Length: 2000mm
  • Cutting height: 900mm
  • Table Width Outside: 1000mm
  • Table Width Inside: 1000mm
  • Rest Plate Height: 500mm
  • 1m x 1m Turntable for rotating the foam block
  • Motorized forward-reverse of Cutting Frame
  • PLC controlled SERVO motion of Rest plate with Panelboard
  • Double side grinding system of band knife
  • Adhesive cleaners with lubrication tank
  • Adjustable Motorized Blade Guide with Safety Guard
  • Touch Screen Display

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