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Automatic Batch Foaming Machine

  • Batch Foaming machine

About The Automatic Batch Foaming Machine

Our automatic batch foaming machines(sbfa) are designed such that there is:

  1. Minimum space required
  2. Quick start-up
  3. Flexible and cost-efficient production

Machines of the sbf series have a track record of over 25 years in discontinuous/batch foam productions, with over 50 successfully running sbf machines. Whether it is the production of square blocks or round blocks, sbf series machines are capable of producing the high-grade basis for a number of end products such as mattresses and upholstered furniture.

Apart from producing standard foams of a density range of 7 – 40 kg/m3, our sbf series machines are also capable of producing special foams such as memory foam, spongy foam, and hr(high resilient) foams, etc.

Machine features

Sbf machines rely on decades of know-how and well-proven quality and reliability. This functional interaction ensures maximum production flexibility and top-quality results.

our sbfa machine is equipped with:

  • 2 metering lines in the standard version(polyol and isocyanate), result in short preparation times leading to flexibility in production.
  • High-precision metering pumps including a magnetic drive pump for TDI.
  • Additional metering lines as an optional feature.
  • Homologous mixing thanks to the variable speed motor.
  • Automatic cleaning of the mixing bucket and the stirrer.
  • Modern control panel with touch screen and storage capacity of over 20 foaming formulations


  • Compact design and small footprint
  • Modern and ergonomic panel board
  • Low labor requirements
  • Use of quality components for optimum production results over long periods of time

Technical data

  • Density range of Foam without Blowing Agent – Kg/m3 – 20-50
  • Density range of foam with Blowing Agent – Kg/m3 – <20
  • Maximum Shot Weight – Kg – 150
  • Stirrer Speed Range – Rpm – 300-1000
  • Polyol Tank capacity – L – 1000
  • TDI Tank Capacity – L – 1000
  • Activator Tank Capacity – L – 100
  • Catalyst tank capacity – L – 50
  • Size of Standard Rectangular Mould LxWxH – mm – 2700L x 1800W x 1500H
  • Size of Optional Cylindrical Mould Φ x H – Mm – 1500 x 2200
  • Production Capacity: Number of Blocks made in 8 hr shift – 50

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