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Foam Peeling Machine

Round Block Foam Peeling Machine

For peeling off long thin foils from cylinders made of PU
• The rotating round block is guided vertically downward towards the fixed blade unit synchronized via 2 servo motors.
• Reliable chain drive system assisted by linear guideways ensures smooth as well as the precise movement of the foam block.
• The synchronized wind-up unit rewinds the foil into rolls.
• Heavy-duty blade guide ensures peeling of high-density foam blocks including bonded foam.
• Machine set includes variable diameter/height-adjustable Horizontal Foam Boring Machine.

Technical Specification
1. Max Foam Block Diameter = 1500mm
2. Max Foam Block Width = 2100mm

Long Block Foam Peeling Machine

• Machine consists of standard horizontal cutting machine frame with an extra-long table.
• Main advantage is that long blocks from the Slab-Stock machine can be directly loaded onto the peeling machine long bed.

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