Semi-Auto Batch Foaming Machine

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Semi-Auto Batch Foaming Machine

About The Semi-Automatic Batch Foaming Machine

Our semi-automatic batch foaming machines (sbfs) are designed such that there is:

  1. Minimum space required
  2. Quick start-up
  3. Flexible and cost-efficient production
  4. Low investment cost

Machines of the SBF series have a track record of over 25 years in discontinuous/batch foam productions, with over 50 successfully running sbf machines. Whether it is the production of square blocks or round blocks, SBF series machines are capable of producing the high-grade basis for a number of end products such as mattresses and upholstered furniture.

Apart from producing standard foams of a density range of 7 – 40 kg/m3, our SBF series machines are also capable of producing special foams such as memory foam, spongy foam, hr(high resilient) foams, etc.

Machine features

Sbf machines rely on decades of know-how and well-proven quality and reliability. This functional interaction ensures maximum production flexibility and top-quality results.

our sbfs machine is equipped with:

  • Homologous mixing thanks to the variable speed motor.
  • modern control panel with touch screen and storage capacity of over 20 foaming formulations
  • Motorized mixing frame to smoothly get clear of the mold after pouring the mixture.


  • Compact design and small footprint
  • Modern and ergonomic panel board
  • Low labor requirements
  • Low investment cost

Technical data

  • Density range of Foam without Blowing Agent – Kg/m3 – 20-50
  • Density range of foam with Blowing Agent – Kg/m3 – <20
  • Maximum Shot Weight – Kg – 150
  • Stirrer Speed Range – Rpm – 300-1000
  • Polyol Tank capacity – L – 1000
  • TDI Tank Capacity – L – 1000
  • Activator Tank Capacity – L – 100
  • Catalyst tank capacity – L – 50
  • Size of Standard Rectangular Mould LxWxH – mm – 2700L x 1800W x 1500H
  • Size of Optional Cylindrical Mould Φ x H – Mm – 1500 x 2200
  • Production Capacity: Number of Blocks made in 8 hr shift – 50

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