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Continuous Foaming Machine

  • Continuous Foaming Machine

About The Continuous Foaming Machine

The sfm plants are constructed in a modern design such that it is easily operable, adjusts to customer and environmental requirements and have minimum wastage. With more than 27 successfully running sfm machines all over india, santech has been able to establish as a reliable and trustworthy brand name. The lines are designed taking future planning under consideration, our sfm lines can be retrofitted and adapted to changing markets and environmental conditions, various special equipment, modules and special accessories, allowing for extremely competitive production results during long periods of time. The sides and bottom conveyors ensure square block eliminating rounded edges and top and minimizing wastage. The machine is capable of producing foam blocks that are up to 2200mm wide, and depending on the foam type and densities, up to 1400mm high.

The mixing head

The mixing head of the sfm plants ensures high quality and rapid mixing of all the chemicals and allows quick formulation and color changes. Our sfm lines are based in the liquid lay down principal. The combined injection and stirrer principle as well as the laminar liquid lay down which is distributed in a thin layer over the entire foaming width of the fall plate allow a reliable escape of air and virtually pinhole-free foam grades with a uniform cell structure.

The high precision metering system

The high precision metering units include magnetic drive pumps which ensure accurate metering of all chemicals throughout all viscosity range, repeatability in flow settings and large adjustment ranges. This helps in precise monitoring of every chemical used in the production. The metering system is capable of changing the colors and densities on the fly without the need of shutting the plant or stopping the foaming. The metering units supply constant flow and pressure to the mixing head as well as to return lines.

Modular and compact control system

Sfm plants come equipped with modular control panel with an intuitive touch screen interface. The control panel can store and recall formulations and production parameters making sure there are no operator errors. The simplistic and ergonomic design make it easy for the programmer to operate and control every action of the machine from the foaming platform itself. Use of electrical and electronic components from reliable and well known brands ensure easy and fast repair and cost effective replacements.


  • Integration of top techniques and technologies result in high quality and production flexibility.
  • Highly efficient raw material usage
  • Uniform density, hardness and cell structure throughout the foaming production.
  • Modular design to ensure optimum adaptation to the requirements of the market and environment
  • Up to 10% higher foam yields.

Technical data

  • Machine Dimensions 35 m (L) x 5 m (W) x 4 m (H)
  • Area Required for Storage Tanks
  • Connected Load Required
  • Maximum Output of Machine 320 kg per minute
  • Density Range
  • Maximum Block Width Achievable 2200mm
  • Maximum Block Height Achievable 1400mm

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