Block Cut Off Machine

Block Cut-Off Machine

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The Block Cutter is a must-have accessory for continuous foaming machines. The mechanism follows the slabstock as a horizontal band knife cuts perpendicular cross-sections via a swing frame cutting unit synchronised with the foaming speed. Both flexible and rigid foam can be utilised with it. The Block cut-off machine cuts PU foam blocks to size. The cut-off machine is generally integrated into a cutting line and stands between transport conveyors. The swing frame cutting unit has a circulating bandknife which moves vertically to split off the block. Long blocks are fed into the machine via the front transport conveyor. Once the desired block length is reached, the transport conveyors stop and the cutting unit automatically lowers.

Machine Features

  • PLC controlled fully automatic cutting machine
  • Swing frame design ensures minimum twisting of bandknife which enables to get a longer life


Product Specifications
Cutting Width2400mm
Cutting Height1500mm

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