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Our ability to ensure prompt delivery, client-focused approach, and competitive pricing of the foam-cutting machines have made us industry leaders in the foam business. We strive to set milestones in client satisfaction by delivering the most advanced foam-cutting machines to our customers.

The Leading Manufacturer Of Foam Cutting Machines!

Foam-cutting equipment generates a high output of PU foam sheets, blocks, slabs, and more in the desired dimensions. The raw foam blocks must be converted into sheets of the necessary consistency to be further processed and integrated into different products. A continuous foam manufacturing plant’s yield is often large, necessitating highly efficient, high-capacity foam cutting machines to efficiently transform foam blocks into sheets and slabs of varying thicknesses.

We are the leading manufacturers of cutting-edge foam-cutting machines such as circular foam-cutting machines, vertical foam-cutting machines, horizontal foam-cutting machines, and much more high-performing foam-cutting equipment, delivering consistent results with extreme precision and accuracy.

Looking For Durable, High-Performance, And Quality Foam Cutting Machines?

Our Pillars Of Success!

Budget-Friendly Machines

Our foam-cutting machines are of the best quality and will perfectly fit your budget. The initial investment needed to acquire our machines is your tiny amount compared to the humongous success in the foam business.

Effortless Operation

These easy-to-use foam-cutting machines are highly productive and have a low running cost. You can choose an automatic or manual foam-cutting mechanism depending on the manufacturing needs and streamline your production.

Competent Professionals

We have technically competent specialists, certified engineers, and experienced technicians working with us to build unrivaled foam-cutting machines for our customers. Our skilled employees work around the clock to develop advanced solutions.

We Manufacture The Best German-Tech Foam Cutting Machines To Meet Your Specific Needs!

Circular Foam Cutting Machine

Circular Cutting Machine (4 wheel type)

This machine accurately turns raw blocks of foam into precise and even foam sheets with a fixed cutting unit on a circular table top. Learn More

Horizontal Cutting Machine (2 wheel type)

The Horizontal foam cutting machine cuts foam into thin sheets with the help of an adjustable band knife. It has a motorised table. Learn More

Vertical Cutting Machine

It precisely cuts & trims slabs of PU foam, bonded foam, and similar materials. It can be operated automatically or manually. Learn More

Foam Peeling Machine

This machine's cutting unit, which moves on jointless steel tracks, precisely peels thin sheets from the stationary long foam block. Learn More

Foam Shredding Machine

A durable shredding unit that converts foam scrap into attractive foam granule material through a rotating granulating head with hardened spikes. Learn More

Pillow Edge Cutting Machine

The continuous band knife of this Edge Cutting machine can round the corners of a foam cushion to turn it into a pillow, giving it smooth edges. Learn More

Block Cut-Off Machine

A horizontal band knife cuts perpendicular cross-sections of foam via a swing frame cutting unit—a must-have accessory for continuous foaming machines. Learn More

Wire Cutting Machine

Wire Cutting Machine

A CNC machinery that cuts sheets & contours of various shapes from flexible, soft, and rigid foams with an endless abrasive steel wire. Learn More

angle cutting machine

Angle Cutting Machine

It’s a vertical cutting mechanism that can swivel in both directions to cut small foam pieces into desired shapes at different angles. Learn More

Continuous Foaming Machine

Continuous Foaming Machine

The three conveyor continuous foam production machine is a high-capacity machine system for making a constant slab of flexible… Learn More

Foam cutting machine

Semi-Auto Batch Foaming

We manufacture the finest quality semi-automatic batch foaming machines for precise mixing of chemicals leading to the finest quality... Learn More

Frequently Asked Questions

You must have a lot of queries regarding the foam-cutting machines, and we have come up with answers to a few of the most frequently asked questions.
We offer our customers an array of high-tech foam-cutting machines that satisfy their versatile needs with precision and efficiency. You get circular cutting machine, horizontal cutting machine, vertical cutting machine, pillow edge-cutting machine, fast wire cutting machine, foam shredder, foam peeler, and many more.
The cost of a single foam-cutting machine depends upon the model, type, automation, size, technical specifications, and customer preferences. Select the most appropriate foam-cutting machine as per your business requirements, and we will help you with a customised solution within your budget.
You must have these machines if your business revolves around foam as you can not only cut bigger blocks of foam into attractive smaller blocks, but you can shape the foam into any desired shape and get precise cuts every time, be it round-edged cushions, sheets, or foam slabs. You can also peel and shred foam.
All of our foam-cutting machines are made with worker safety in mind. You need to ensure that the personnel working on the machine have adequate protective gear, gloves, masks, and goggles. Get these machines serviced at regular intervals to avoid accidents due to malfunction.
The space requirement depends upon the machine’s model and size, as well as its application. Compact machines, like the Pillow Edge Cutting Machine, require less space in your foam production facility than bigger ones, like the Block Cut-Off Machines.
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