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Foam cutting equipment generates a high output of PU foam sheets in the desired thickness. The raw foam created in the form of blocks must be treated into sheets of the necessary consistency in a static cutting unit. A continuous foam manufacturing plant’s yield is often large, necessitating highly efficient, high-capacity foam cutting machines to efficiently transform foam blocks into sheets of varying thickness.

We are well-known manufacturers of circular foam cutting machines, vertical foam cutting machines, horizontal foam cutting machines and much more high-performing foam cutting equipment delivering consistent results.

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Budget-Friendly Machines

The leading cause for your pre-purchase hesitancy is now working in your favour. The costs of a continuous foaming line create a high barrier to entry for all of your competitors, both current and potential.

Effortless Operation

Santech’s easy-to-use Polyurethane foam cutting machines are highly productive and have a low running cost. They can be changed into high-pressure or low-pressure settings based on the actual manufacturing needs.

Competent Professionals

We have a staff of technically competent specialists, certified engineers, and experienced technocrats working with us to build an unrivaled line of products for our customers. Our skilled employees work around the clock to develop advanced solutions to meet market demands.

We manufacture a wide range of advanced German-tech based foam cutting machines to meet your specific needs!

Cutting Machines

A stable cutting unit and a spinning circular table top make up the basic structure of a circular foam cutting machine…

Cutting Machines

For more than 20 years, our cutting machines have been in high demand worldwide for the world’s most excellent cutting function selections…

Cutting Machines

Our vertical cutting machines are capable of cutting at an angle. Increase your factory’s foam form versatility today with the Santech foam cutting…

Cutting Machines

Foam Peeling Machines are used to peel foam slabs into lengthy slices in a circular pattern. The machine is well-known for its consistent…

Cutting Machines

We are the chief manufacturer of foam shredder machines, including automatic and semi-automatic foam shredders…

Cutting Machines

We are well-known manufacturers of Pillow Edge Cutting Machines, which are created in our technologically advanced production facility…

Cutting Machines

The Block Cut Off Machine is a device that cuts foam blocks into plates. This foam cutting machine is made to precisely trim flexible…

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