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High Performing Foaming Machines

Our ability to ensure prompt delivery, combined with a client-focused approach and competitive pricing of our foaming machines, has elevated us beyond other players in the same sector. We strive to set milestones in the line of client satisfaction by delivering individualized after-sales services and support.

What Distinguishes Santech Industries Best Quality Foaming Machines?

We are a certified manufacturer of customised foaming machine systems in the foam industry. All the machines are built according to industry standards to ensure high performance and long service life. Our Polyurethane Foam machines are in high demand across a wide range of industries due to their robust design, compact size, ease of installation, and low maintenance.

We ensure that high German technology is included in our machine systems in today’s technologically advanced environment. As a result, we have developed upgraded and improved equipment that increases product quality by up to 90%, resulting in little foam wastage and precise shapes.

What Distinguishes Santech Industries Best Quality Foaming Machines?

We Thrive On

Vast Infrastructure

We have a comprehensive production facility to meet our client’s various needs. Our tech advanced facility in Mohali is equipped with advanced technological gadgets, machines, and equipment to produce the highest quality foaming machine & products. Our production unit is staffed by skilled individuals from a variety of professions.

Quality Assurance

Our foam making machines are outstanding in quality, performance, and efficiency since they are designed using a standardised production technique. Every product is a work of engineering brilliance in and of itself, capable of meeting your specific demands and expectations.

On-Time Delivery

To ensure timely and efficient fulfilment of orders, the company has a large storage facility and an extensive distribution network. We take on projects from all over the nation and beyond, with the manufacture of the equipment laid out at the same time in the Santech facility to meet the goal of quick delivery.

We Offer Tech-Advanced Foaming Machines To Satisfy Your Needs!

Continuous Foaming Machine

Continuous Foaming Machine

Three conveyor continuous foam maker machines are intended to satisfy the needs of various production plants on a big scale. Our three-conveyor continuous foaming machines are devised to produce an upgraded and improved quality of foams with precision and high-grade results. Learn More

Automatic Batch Foaming Machine

Batch Foaming Machines

Our Batch foam machines are designed for medium-scale manufacturing facilities requiring the least manual work. This machine has all the necessary metering lines for all chemicals, including tanks, pumps, pipelines, and recirculation return valves. Learn More

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