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Wire Cutting Machine

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Introducing the Fast Wire Cutter, a cutting-edge CNC machinery ideal for accurately cutting sheets and contours of various shapes from flexible, soft, and rigid foams or comparable materials. The Fast Wire Cutter machines are fully automated, computer-controlled devices that utilise an endless abrasive steel wire, which is accelerated to execute precise cuts. Equipped with sophisticated electronic controllers that connect to a PC via USB, these machines can be operated using specialised software. Furthermore, depending on the material being cut, they can be customised with a range of cutting wires to achieve optimal performance and superior quality.

Technical Specifications

  • CNC controlled
  • Cutting height maximum: 1270mm
  • Cutting wire: dia: 1.1-1.6mm (depending on material)
  • Table size: 2000mm x 2000mm
  • Power requirement: upto 6kw

Optional Features

  • Turn table
  • Dust vacuum suction system
  • Vacuum table to hold the foam block

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