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Horizontal Foam Cutting Machine (2 Wheel-type)

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About The Horizontal Foam Cutting Machine

Our automated horizontal foam cutting machines cut materials quickly and precisely into thin layers making the work a lot smoother for you. It’s simple to use and has a lot of automation. The machine was built with the highest precision possible thanks to the technology utilised in its construction. The band knife has a razor-sharp edge that ensures optimum accuracy. The machine can cut incredibly thin layers. The band knife adjustment is likewise automated, ensuring that the operator gets a quick and effective response. The machine’s high-grade construction and technology provide consistent cutting quality.

Technical specifications

  • Cutting length: 2500mm
  • Cutting width: 2000mm
  • Cutting height: 1000mm

Machine Features

  • Motorized blade angle adjustment
  • Motorized pressure roller
  • Motorized table
  • 1 set of 2 vacuum blowers to stabilize the foam block on the table
  • Plc controlled servo motor for up/down of main blade frame
  • Touch screen display

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