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Santech Foam Machines provides the latest technology foaming and foam-cutting machines, enabling you to manufacture high-quality foam products. Having decades of experience in the machine industry, we are the leading foam machine manufacturer and are determined to help businesses grow with our machines.


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Powder Coating

Powder Coating

Our foaming and foam-cutting machines are powder coated to ensure durability, quality and smooth finish so that your workers can utilise our machines efficiently.


ISO Certified

We deliver premium-quality machines to our customers, as we are an ISO-certified company. These quality certifications inspire us to raise the performance standards of our machines.


New Improved Design

Our durable machines are designed with precision to boost your foam production business. We are the leading foam machine manufacturers with a versatile range of machines.

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What We Offer

We offer two major categories of machines: the foaming machine, which makes the foam, and the foam-cutting machine, which cuts the foam. We have a versatile range of both categories of machines, but the one thing common in all machines is the promise of quality. All the machines are durable and highly efficient, making your production process more structured.

Foaming Machines

Our foaming machines will help you to maintain consistent quality, increase your production capacity and make the foam manufacturing process more efficient. We assist you with various customised solutions for foaming machines. Learn More

Foam Cutting Machines

Our high-performing foam-cutting machines will give the desired shape to the foam. Get this machine now to cut foam according to tailored specifications. Safety and efficiency are the key parameters that govern our foam-cutting machines.Learn More

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Honest reviews from our clients showcase how we deliver finesses and quality through our foaming and foam-cutting machines to satisfy each customer.


Santech Foam Machines has participated in numerous exhibitions where we have showcased our skill, proficiency and dedication to delivering quality machines. Get an insight into the events that we have attended in the recent times.

Santech Knowledge Centre

Having seen our machines first-hand, you must want to explore the world of foaming machines. That’s why we have specifically curated a collection of knowledgeable reading content on foaming industry trends and relevant topics. With us, you can get a complete understanding of the foaming industry.

We Collaborate With The Best!

As a leader in manufacturing top-notch foaming and foam-cutting machines, our company has worked closely with reputed corporate giants. Collaborations motivate us to constantly innovate with our machines and deliver only the best.

Frequently Asked Questions

We have come up with answers to the most commonly asked questions regarding the foaming and foam-cutting machines that cross people’s minds.

The length of the foaming machine can vary from a couple of metres to 30 metres or more. When choosing one, you need to consider the available space of your manufacturing facility and your foam yield target.

Our foam-cutting machines cut foam into the desired shape. These machines can be used in any industry that manufactures foam products or uses foam in any manner, such as furniture, mattresses, seats, and more.

The minimum budget required for installing an entire foaming machine plant ranges between 10 and 15 lacs, depending on the level of customisation needed.

Yes. Santech Foma Machine primarily focuses on waste minimisation by utilising left-over foam. The extra chunks of foam are chopped in a shredding machine and then rebonded into qualitative foam slabs in rebonding machines.

Depending on your requirements, you can choose between automated, semi-automated, or manual machinery. Our foam machines are manufactured in-house using advanced German technology.

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