Horizontal Cutting Machine (2 wheel type)

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Horizontal Foam Cutting Machine (2 wheel type)

About The Horizontal Foam Cutting Machine


Our horizontal foam cutting machine cut soft material with ease and accuracy into thin layers with speed, accuracy, and precision. It is easy to operate and highly automated. The technology used in building the machine ensures the highest level of precision. The band knife is very sharp, thus providing maximum accuracy. The machine is suitable for cutting extremely thin layers, cutting soft and sticky materials with ease. The band knife adjustment is also automated, promising a sudden and effective response to the operator. The quality construction and technology used in the machine ensure the consistent cutting quality.

Technical specifications of Horizontal Cutting Machine

  • Cutting length: 2500mm
  • Cutting width: 2000mm
  • Cutting height: 1000mm
  • Motorized blade angle adjustment
  • Motorized pressure roller
  • Motorized table
  • 1 set of 2 vacuum blowers to stabilize the foam block on the table
  • Plc controlled servo motor for up/down of main blade frame
  • Touch screen display

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