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Vertical Cutting Machines

Santech strives to boost the cutting efficiency up to 90%. We offer a wide variety of hi-tech, upgraded and improved vertical foam cutting machine systems.
A vertical foam cutting machine’s primary function is to shape the slides of PU foam slabs. It can slice big blocks of PU foam into the desired size and form. Typically, a vertical cutting machine has a tabletop, an electrically driven blade motor, and an adjustable side support system. Vertical foam cutting devices are widely used in manufacturing and packaging departments to satisfy various needs. The need for a vertical foam cutting machine may be observed in the design, such as creating signage, models for construction businesses, prototypes, and even casting plaster and concrete moulds.

We follow the industry’s quality measures, which distinguishes our products from our competitors. Our machines are reasonably priced to meet our clients’ various budgetary needs.

To fulfil quality standards and suit our customers' expectations, we offer a wide selection of hi-tech vertical foam cutting machines with enhanced and advanced inbuilt equipment. Our machine systems include Manual and Automatic vertical foam cutting machines.

Vertical foam Cutting Machine

Manual Vertical Cutting Machines​

A manually operated blade motor and a customizable side support system make up a manual vertical foam-cutting machine.

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Automatic Vertical Cutting Machine

Automatic Vertical Cutting Machines​

The Automated Vertical Foam Cutting Machine is used to trim PU foam block slides. It can slice huge blocks of PU foam into the desired size and form. Know More

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