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Manual Vertical Cutting Machine

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About The Manual Vertical Foam Cutting Machine

The vertical cutting machine cuts materials such as PU foam, bonded foam and similar materials in a precise manner. It can cut slabs and trim blocks.
The air cushioning system, a new optional feature, makes it simpler to handle, load, and unload heavy blocks. Our bundle of machine systems comprises various models of manual vertical cutting machines that can work with precision and at higher speeds with high safety handling devices around.

Technical Specifications

Cutting height600mm900mm1500mm1500mm
Cutting length1000mm2000mm2400mm2400mm
Power required 1hp 2hp2hp3hp
Space required 3m x 3m4m x 4m4.5m x 4.5m5.5m x 7.5m
Blade size 7400mm7400mm8500mm 11000mm


  • Motorized grinder
  • Motorized blade guide
  • 3 HP floating blower under the table
  • Linear guide for forward / reverse of table
  • Rail line for table and side wall
  • SS table top
  • Dust collector motor-blower

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