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Angle Cutting Machine

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Our angular cutting machines are frequently used to cut small foam pieces into desired shapes. The system has a vertical cutting mechanism that can swivel in both directions to allow for various pattern cuts. The basic model of angle cutting machine is intended to provide a safe and reliable method of trimming flexible PU foam blocks or pieces to the specified thickness.


  • Table size: 4’ x 5’
  • Blade size: 7400mm
  • Cutting angle: 0 – 45 degrees
  • Material cutting height: 400mm (at 90 degree)
  • Material cutting height: 250mm (at 45 degree)


  • Cutting in both directions without twisting band knife
  • A motor-driven grinding unit sharpens the revolving knife
  • Guide rollers that can be adjusted
  • PLC controlled angle adjustment (This reduces any chance of human error as the angle is set by a controller)

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