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Circular Cutting Machine

About Our Circular Foam Cutting Machine

  • The circular foam cutting machine unit is constructed in Mild Steel.
  • The circular cutting machine has a stationary cutting unit with a circular table of the loading capacity of eight blocks of size 1m. x 2m. or four blocks of size 2m. x 2m.
  • Cutting speed: adjustable between 0 to 5 RPM.
  • PLC Controlled fully automatic cutting machine.

Technical Data:

Models SCM-7B SCM-9B SCM-11B
Connected Load 25HP 32HP 12HP
Capacity of foam block
(Size 72” x 36”)
7 9 11
Max Foam Block Slitting
1200mm 1200mm 1200mm
Max Foam Block Stack
1225mm 1225mm 1225mm
Table Diameter 5650mm 6425mm 6870mm

The circular foam cutting machine is equipped with the following systems:

  • AC SERVO motor controlled up/down movement of main blade frame.
  • Vacuum System: The vacuum holds the foam Block & stabilizes them on the table.
  • Pressure Rollers for pressing the Foam block.
  • Programmable controlled cutting procedure- (PLC).
  • Touch screen display.
  • Table driving system by the rubber roller and AC Electric Motor with variable AC Drive.
  • Blade angle adjustment by the electrically controlled system on the main control panel.
  • Power required: 32 HP.
  • Utilizes 3-phase power and may be supplied for 50 or 60Hz operation.
  • Cutting Width = 2400mm
  • Cutting Height = 1500mm

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